If you are a Blogger, Youtuber, Digital marketer anyone working online every day, or if you want to start working online! Then you must know about these top 10 chrome extensions.


I will Share 10 chrome extensions that you must install in your chrome to make work easy and fast. In this article, I'll share the top 10 chrome extensions that I use daily while working online. So Let's dive in,



It is one of the best extensions to manage Instagram, it helps with 
  • Posting
  • Scheduling
  • Managing DMs
  • Managing Hashtags and so on from your desktop.
Inssist switches Instagram website into mobile view as if you were using it on your mobile browser. This also fixes bugs and improves usability, Inssist works without a need to know your Instagram passwords, does not spy, and does not transfer any data away from your PC.

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



I will say this tool is a treasure, it helps you a lot with 
  • Grammar check, 
  • spell check, 
  • plagiarism check, and many more.
 If you are writing emails, blog posts, E-Books, or writing anything online then you must have installed this awesome tool. It simply fixes what you are typing and it suggests what it should be written to make it look professional, and this is one of my most fav chrome extensions & it's almost free!

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If you are a Youtuber then I am damn sure you would have heard about it, It is one of the best extensions that help you grow your youtube channel. It helps with

  • When is the best time to post
  • VidIQ SEO score
  • VidIQ thumbnail score
  • VidIQ tags ranks
  • And Keywords.
It mainly shows the inline Keywords of other youtube channels or videos and you can compare your channel and competitor channel to check the total score. Mainly you can check with your competitor's tags and keywords to boost your channel. It also gives an overview of your Youtube video and what should be improved in that video to rank on Youtube.

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One of the best chrome extensions for SEO, just go to google and search any keyword this extension will give you
  • Search volume
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Competition
  • Related Keywords
  • People also search for
  • Long-tail keywords
This is one of the best extensions if you are working on SEO online. Keywords Everywhere is a free extension but if you want more details on a specific keyword then you must buy some credit. But anyway try the free version and check if it is useful for you and 

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



GMass is an extension that will turn your Gmail account into an email marketing application.GMass is a mail merge extension for Gmail after installing enter the emails and subject whatever you want and customize the email as shown below on the GMass button and send it. 


It is like email marketing in your Gmail account, this is the simple and easy way to start sending cold emails for beginners. But the best way is to get a business mail from google because it looks more professional to send mail from your own business Gmail account.

GMass allows you to see open follow rate, click rate and auto follow up on your Gmail account. It also has a Paid version of it but to begin with, the free version is better for you, and there are a lot of free bulk email senders available online or free apps.

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



A similar web is an extension that I use almost every 4 to 5 hours every day! If you are surfing any website online and you have installed this tool then click on the extension it will give you a brief detail about
  • Global rank
  • Country rank
  • Category rank
  • traffic over month
  • Bounce rate
  • Page per visit
  • Monthly visits
  • Avg. Visit duration 
  • Geography
  • Top traffic source
Click on go to the similar web and you will get more information about any website online. If you are getting contacted from any website then you can check whether it is a valid, real website, and so on. Or if you are searching for partners, competitors then you can find details about their website with this tool.

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



For those who don't know Notion, it is a great application to manage almost everything. You can manage kinds of stuff like
  • Your business
  • Your children's routines
  • Your personal things 
  • Your office works
  • Your long term projects
  • Your distant education 
  • Your weekly/monthly plan and so on.
You can save anything in Notion web clipper, like if you are reading something online and you want to save that particular article instead of bookmarking the whole website, then you can click on the installed notion web clipper extension and save it. Then later in the notion application, you can read that specific article. 

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



Again let's say if you are surfing any website online and if you have installed Colorzilla click on that extension then click pick the color from the page. You can start moving your cursor and can get any color used on that page or site, If you are designing your blog, website and you liked the color but don't know the color code or the RGB combination you can simply click on the color and get all the information about it.

It is very useful for designing your landing pages, websites and so on, this is an awesome extension for designers.

Click here to download this free chrome extension 



This is somewhat similar to the colorzilla but it helps you to choose the fonts used in any website online. It gives information about the
  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Font weight
  • Font line-height
  • Font Color
and almost everything about the fonts used in any website online. If you like any font then simply use this extension or plugin to know more information about that font. 

Click here to download this free chrome extension.



Wappalyzer is an awesome extension that gives information about what technologies have been used in any website online. Like

  • Widgets
  • Analytics
  • CMS
  • Caching
  • Databases
  • Advertising
  • Tag managers
  • Javascript libraries
  • Security
  • Web frameworks
  • UI frameworks
  • Web servers
  • Operating systems
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing automation and
  • Retargeting
Mostly all this information is the backends of the website, it gives information about what's happening on the backside of a website. You can spy on your competitors, see what they are using, and use it on your website. 

Click here to download this free chrome extension.


To sum up, here is the list of extensions described in this article
  • Inssist
  • Grammarly
  • VidIQ
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • GMass
  • Similar web
  • Notion web clipper
  • Colorzilla
  • Whatfont
  • Wappalyzer
These extensions will make half of the works for those who are working online. Do check them all by installing it, and comment below your fav extension on chrome or if you want to suggest any other chrome extensions apart from these 10.

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