Welcome to part-3 of the email marketing mastery course, before entering check out part1& part 2 in this part we will see how email marketing works with an example of Mailchimp. In the last part, we have discussed that there are 3 options
  • You can go with an email marketing company
  • you can go with your own system from scratch or
  • You can get an SMTP server and connect it with your own email marketing application
In this part, we are going in-depth with the first option that is subscribing to an email marketing company and with one of the top company which is Mailchimp. So let's dive in,


First of all, sign up for free and create an account, what's interesting is you can go through almost all the core features of email marketing for free on Mailchimp. Get started and log in to Mailchimp.


What's best about Mailchimp is you can have 2000 contacts and send 10000 emails totally free, isn't it a great start for a beginner!

Mailchimp pricing

I'll not explain every step as it requires nothing but your personal information and business information so ill skip that show you the main part. So the first topic ill discuss is Email lists.


  • How to add your email lists
  • How to collect your emails in the Mailchimp account.


Mainly any email application has two options
  1. You can import your audiences or contacts manually or
  2. You can integrate your website with the application as it will collect emails from the opt-in forms and so on.

Ok let's see how we can import our contacts in Mailchimp manually,

Click on the Import audience as shown below and you'll get two options

Mailchimp audience

  • Import contact from CSV file
  • Copy-paste from file

We will see how to add manually so click on the Import CSV file, browse the email list that you have collected and upload it.

Mailchimp CSV import

And now we will see another method which is copy-pasting which is almost an easy method and I think you don't need an image to do it right.

That's it, that's how you import contacts manually through CSV file or by copy-pasting it. And now we have our audience inside mail chimp here we can manage and set campaigns for our email subscribers.

                                    Mailchimp subscribers                               

So we have our sample contacts and now ill show you how to run a sample email marketing campaign.


Click on the emails and set a campaign name for what you have doing this email marketing,

And then you'll see this page 

Mailchimp campaigns

Fill in 
  • TO
  • FROM 

Mailchimp campaigns

You'll have some sample templates available on Mailchimp content, you can edit any templates there, or else you can use your own templates. Download the free templates here

After this click on send or you can schedule your send. Ok, now we have successfully created a campaign. Now click on the campaigns to check other details,

Click on View reports and you'll see all the reports of your campaign how it's performing, Open rate, click rates, and so on.

Mailchimp CTR AND OR

What are the Click rate and Open rate?

In email marketing, we have these two factors, how many people click your email and how many people click on the link inside your email. These factors are very important to test the performance of your campaigns.

Ok, now we are on the last topic,


I'll show in points to cut short the article and if you want detail about this topic then comment below ok let's start,

  • First click on the dashboard in Mailchimp
  • Then click on Create at the top left and click sign up form
  • You can select embedded form, pop up, or landing page.
  • Now you can design your form 
  • Go on embedded forms, click on condensed form customize it 
  • Youll have a code below copy it 
  • Go to your WordPress site create a new page and paste the code, click on publish 
  • Now click on the link and shown above to check the test form you have created.
That's it now you have the form that will collect the emails directly from your website managed by Mailchimp.


Let's take a quick look at what we have seen in this article

  • How to create a Mailchimp account
  • How to create email lists on Mailchimp 
  • How to run a sample campaign 
  • How to create a signup form and embed it on any website.

I have shown how to run a successful email marketing campaign and save a lot of money. In the next article, we will see how to collect lead magnets and what is lead magnets.

 Comment below if you have any queries or doubts and let me know if you want articles on any other topics comment below.

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