If your recipients never see your email in their inboxes, then the effect and time you consumed to create and run your email marketing campaigns were simply wasted.


The measurement and understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing message into people's inboxes. Fortunately, you are here reading this article, I will explain to you everything that you need to know and to land your emails in the inbox and not in spam. So let's dive in,


The email you are sending if it contains the spam triggers, bad words, spam words, and so on, the spam filter AI is so advanced that it filters almost all the words of your email and after analyzing billions and billions of email patterns or templates it know whether your email is spammy or not. 

So as I explained before in the subject line article, always test your subject line in the free subject line tester websites. And if you are a beginner check this article on


Always check with your domain name and your domain status whether your domain is blacklisted or not. How do know this? just visit mxtoolbox and enter your domain name to check if it's blacklisted or not.

If it is blacklisted then your email is probably entered in SPAM.

Don't worry just go to the website in which it is blacklisted and ensure to remove your website from the blacklist.

IMPORTANT: Some new fresh domains will be blacklisted for a period of 30 days and after that, they will be removed automatically, this is just a precaution for new domains.


This is very important for those who are promoting kinds of stuff in their emails and linking to other products if these are affiliate links or CPA links then you must know that there is a high chance of flagging it as SPAM! 

So what to do in this case and how to promote links in your emails? here we have two choices

  1. Create a post or landing page about that product and host it inside your website and link to that landing page using your domain, not by your affiliate links
  2. To mask or cloak the URL ( cloaking URL means replacing an affiliate link with a normal URL as it would not look like an affiliate link) comment below if you want a detailed article about how to cloak URLs?


This is nothing but simply tracking open and CTR in your email marketing campaigns. 
Tracking works by adding Hidden images and links inside your emails and if someone opens the email the hidden URL or image will load to send the email to the server that someone has open the email.

Hiding URLs and images inside an email may be specified as SPAM!

What to do here? again we have two choices 

  1. Turn off tracking if it is not important for you 
  2. The majority of you will say I want to track the campaign I can't turn off the tracking, then you can use a custom domain for tracking instead of the same domain you are using. If you are using some email marketing apps like Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, and so on then you may not have this option. You can create this in your own email marketing application.


Reputation is mainly built upon four things 
  • Sending score
Always make sure you get a 10/10 for your sending score. How to test sending score?
simply go to Mailtester and check your score.

  • Warming up
If you are using your own SMTP server or using an SMTP service with dedicated IP warming up is crucial. You need to warm up and send emails gradually to build a reputation. This is a long process if you need a detailed article then comment below and let me know.

  • Bounce rate
Bounce rate is simply the number of emails that are bouncing back to your server because you are sending to invalid email addresses, this will kill your reputation always ensure you have a 0 to 1% bounce rate.

  • Complaint rate
It is the number of people reporting you as a SPAM! how to ensure a low complaint rate? 
target specific people and make sure you write a perfect email so people will not think of you as a spammer.

Before sending an email to anyone send it to your inbox and self-examine whether it looks spammy or not.


Here are the five factors to ensure that your email will land on inbox and not in SPAM

  • Message content
  • Domain status
  • URLs & Links
  • Tracking
  • Reputation and sending score.

Make sure you check these factors next time before starting an email marketing campaign. That's it with the successful email marketing campaigns and always ensure to give value for your audience or readers never ever SPAM.

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