Welcome to the final part of the email marketing mastery series! In this article we will see how to write the perfect email that converts with the real example, I'll try to make things simple. So let's dive in,


In the last article, I shared how to write a perfect subject line and we saw the ABC rule likewise to write a perfect email that converts there is another rule called the TCPARS rule! seriously? ya I know that was something new let's expand it


So the first thing is the target here for example my target is email marketers, I will now show you a sample email to promote a course that I will send to email marketers with the TCPARS rule.

T - Target - Email marketers

Subject line: Email marketers? want to boost conversions😎

If you want to know how to write a perfect subject line then check my previous article here.

C - Callout 

Hey or Hi (name)
Are you struggling in growing your email lists and increasing your sales with email marketing?

Don't mean to waste your time, if you are not an online business owner who wants to send high converting marketing emails to his / her audience, then feel free to send this email into the trash.

The above-highlighted text is just an example remove it from our real example.

Remember always that the callout is very important to catch attention, this gives the readers to keep reading your email.

P - Personal connect 

Here you need to show some emotions, contact personally with them!

Just like you, five years ago I almost felt that my online business is failing! I didn't know how & where to get leads, how to write a perfect email that converts... I feel your pain😊

A - Authority

You need to show them authority, that you can help them 

But now after years of patience, testing, research, and hard work I now have 4000 students following my courses and counting

Here 4000 students are the authority, give something that they can trust you 

R - Reciprocity 

You need to make them feel you owe something, what you are going to give them?

That's why I am giving away my next course for free! 

In case you want to sell your course, then instead of using that try this

You can call me stupid, But I'm giving away my next course for just 19.99$  and I would give it away for less, but Udemy( or use your own platform) doesn't allow me to sell below this

also, I add this to play with them psychologically 

So for that, I decided to give you all the tools and apps that I use free when you enroll. Let me know if you want that after you get the course.

S - Social proof 

Here what you are going to do? add some screenshots using images 

That's it after doing all this now go to your email marketing application and start camping or just test your email with the email tester and send it.

Also, add the button like click here to get the course or also add for cold emails, please reply if interested.


Let's quickly sum up what is TCAPRS

  • T - Target
  • C - Callout
  • P - Personal connect
  • A - Authority
  • R - Reciprocity
  • S - Social proof

you’ll know the secrets of improving conversions from your cold email marketing campaigns by writing the perfect email following some copywriting tips so that you can get more leads and sales. Comment below if you have used this rule and succeeded in email marketing also don't forget to subscribe to my email newsletter to get the latest article notifications and some news about the giveaway.

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